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Experience the best fishing that the Portland and Oregon Coastal areas have to offer.

decades of guided fishing experience

Jack Glass

Since he began his guided fishing career in 1983, Jack Glass has been focused in on providing Portland area clients with quality fishing experiences. Jack is a staple guide of Willamatte Spring Chinook Fishing and is deadly on Walleye, Steelhead and Sturgeon. Jack is an excellent teacher, with the ability to give insight into local fisheries and history on the water he fishes. He enjoys educating his clients on the history and current state of our fisheries.

Brandon Glass

Fishing with his father at a very young age, Brandon Glass bought his first boat at 12 using his cash earnings from catching Pikeminnow in the Columbia. Brandon uses tried & true techniques but is also constantly experimenting with new ways to catch more fish. He not only fishes the rivers for steelhead, salmon and sturgeon, but also offers trips offshore for albacore tuna. Brandon provides his clients a quality fishing experience with lots of insight on the water they are fishing, and how to catch more fish.

Team Hookup Fishing

More than just a Father & Son team, Jack & Brandon Glass have a shared knowledge of Oregon fisheries that transcends typical guided fishing services. Their on-the-water experience has guided countless clients into fish, year after year. 

Their goal is to not only give great opportunity to catch fish, but also provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride. Their Certifications and Safety Measures provide the basis for their professional guided fishing business. Their understanding of fishing techniques and fish behavior maximizes your opportunity on the water.

River & Ocean Guided Fishing Trips

Chinook & Coho Salmon Guided Trips

Salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest offers many opportunities for exciting fishing in a wide range of locations. During the Spring, you'll find us on the Columbia River and its tributaries, fishing for the most prized salmon, the Spring Chinook. In the Summer & Fall we fish everywhere from the Pacific Ocean, to the Mouth of the Columbia and upriver. We use a multitude of techniques, Divers, Herring, Bobber & Eggs We have decades of experience salmon fishing. When you book with us, you are booking with professional salmon anglers. 

Sandy & Clackamas Guided Steelhead Trips

Steelhead are the fastest freshwater fish in the Pacific Northwest. The techniques used to catch steelhead make for memorable trips of excitement and satisfaction. We fish the Sandy River & Clackamas River for both Winter & Summer Steelhead. We like to offer our clients the ability to be actively involved in the fishing, which is why we choose techniques like float fishing, bobber-dogging, side-drifting or backtrolling. You'll never forget the fight of a steelhead, and you'll want to come back for more. 

River Monsters | Columbia River Sturgeon Trips

One of the most impressive fish that dwells in Northwest rivers is the mighty sturgeon. Jack & Brandon are dialed in on how to catch sturgeon, and lots of them. Team Hookup have boated numerous Sturgeon over 10 feet long and during 'keeper' seasons can offer a chance at a harvestable sturgeon. There are also periods of incredible catch-and-release fishing, where you have the opportunity to hook and fight giant fish, with loads of action each trip. Jack & Brandon are so adept at Sturgeon Fishing that Jeremy Wade of River Monsters chose to fish with them on an episode of his famous TV Show.

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